Notes from the International Zine Library Day discussion, taken by Jenna--correct with abandon

to create an opportunity for outreach
to honor zine libraries and zine library workers
to make it easy to initiate programming, since it is an existing event

it would be helpful to have a kit, suggested activities
suggested activities
  • zine making
  • 24-hour-zine day
  • zine library crawl
  • connection non-local zine libraries, print exchange (trade zine library day zines)
July not a good date for academic library day, but could be good for outreach to diff community, easier to do when
would infoshops be included? only infoshops with zine libraries

what day?
july 21 because of design possibilities--yes
1st tuesday after full moon--a little long for publicity purposes

Kelly will make a wiki, which is...

how to publicize
  • individual efforts
  • ALA press release (for 2012)
  • ALA blogger--Jenna talk to Nicole