Zine Cataloging & Genre Terms

MARC 655 field
  • using it for retrieval
  • genre thesaurus

The FS5 genre terms:
  • quirky
  • medley
  • books
  • recordings
  • catalogs & stuff
  • sex
  • film
  • fringe
  • publishing
  • music
  • punk
  • grrrlz
  • personal
  • humor
  • spirituality
  • queer
  • politics
  • arts & letters
  • comix

Genre terms vs. subject headings--what's the difference
is vs. about, e.g. Zines (subject 650 $v zines vs. Fanzines or Personal Zines in the 655)

URL for FAQ http://loc.gov/catdir/cpso/genre_form_faq.pdf

What diff libraries are using:
Barnard's genre terms http://zines.barnard.edu/about/genres (some, like split zines, aren't really genre terms and are almost always used in conjunction with a term like "personal zines."
Bottles on the Sill
  • art
  • comic
  • food
  • personal
  • fiction
  • poetry
  • lesbian/gay/bi/transgender
  • political
  • music
  • review
  • compilation
  • travel
  • parenting
  • feminist
  • health
  • bike
  • fan
  • how to
  • ecology
  • education
  • catalog
  • sex
  • misc
  • women's studies
  • riot grrrl
Long Haul has quirky headings they don't want to give up (e.g. "fuck the gender binary"). Could they map them to the union catalog?
QZAP volunteers suggest new subjects as they catalog, discussions ensue
UC-IMC (volunteer reads/browses a zine and puts it into the physical genre box they think is appropriate as a primary access point)
ZAPP (volunteers are ZAPPatistas) no online catalog yet, in progress. Catalog is home-brewed MySQL: example catalog entry page
Items shelved by subject category:
  • Art
  • Comics
  • DIY
  • Education/Parenting
  • Food/Drink
  • Foreign Language
  • Humor
  • Literary (most fiction goes here)
  • Mind/Body
  • Miscellaneous (kind of a last resort)
  • Music
  • People/Society
  • Personal
  • Queer/LGBT
  • Reference (zine-related items like zine review zines, catalogs)
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Science Fiction
  • Science
  • Sports/Leisure
  • Travel
  • Women
  • Work

how are people shelving
  • author (Barnard)
  • title (QZAP)
  • subject (Papercut, UC-IMC, ZAPP)

A lot of people are looking to Anchor Zine Archive for cataloging precedent. http://robertsstreet.org/n/zine-library

Finding aids (instead of or in addition to catalog records)

How do you establish new headings (genre terms, whatever)?
  • Long Haul using Anchor Archive box system, if box not being used then scrap it. Have a list of terms, add as needed (e.g. places)

Next step?
Start a list of genre headings on zinelibraries.info
Send your list to Honor, who will compile them.