Things we might talk about at the conference. Actually this is the (un) part of it, as discussion topics will be chosen by the group, at the conference.

  • Microcosm--calls for accountability and a boycott. What, if anything, should libraries do?
  • "Barefoot Librarians" break-out discussion. Phrase coined by Lily to describe indy/unaffiliated librarians and archivists.
  • Volunteer librarians, professionals, and community members working as equals. (Inspired by
http://eatingouryoung. profit-doesnt-make-you-exempt- from-shaming)
  • standard catalog format/software for zines? Union catalog?
  • Starting a collection / Moving from indy collection to institution.
  • Establishing a zine libraries day (during National Library Week or International Zine Month)
  • Starting/Continuing a collection with little/no budget, ethically (can/should a collection be based on donations alone, especially within an institutional collection?)
  • Managing our records: should we create a space where documentation about our collections can be gathered and shared? A meta-wiki, or something to add to an existing site, like
  • Gatekeeper institutions and their place in the zine library world, especially so considering the aversion many zine-makers have to the management and restricted access that apply to collections held within such places. Also, how can gatekeepers engage with the zine community ethically? This could also be part of a broader discussion on ethics in public zine collection management.
  • Zine Library FAIL--lessons learned from things we wish we'd done differently
  • Zines and information literacy: ideas for incorporating zines into library instruction
  • sustaining zine collections at public libraries--convincing administration of their ongoing value