Just to keep track of who is willing to to what, where we are, and what skills we have, here's a page for the conference (un)organizers.

  • Jenna: in NYC. happy to help with whatever. really busy during the week and has a hard time responding to emails and getting tasks done. this may change in late april/early may.
  • Milo: on the ground in Milwaukee. attempting to steer the ship with a little help from friends ;)
  • Kelly: Moving to Iowa in May. Also happy to help with any old thing. For the last ZLUC in Portland, I got coffee donated, so maybe I'll start with that. Also, am working on ways to help people attend from afar through video conferencing.
  • Alycia: happy to help however I can--planning or on the ground in July.
  • Carolyn: on the ground in Milwaukee. Can help with specific tasks that need to be done.
  • Kelsey: can't attend, but willing to help with whatever needs doing remotely.
  • Jessica: point-person in Special Collections. willing to help wherever it's needed.
  • Molly Mathias, Learning Commons Coordinator at the UWM Libraries. Can help with facilities issues and just keeping things running smoothly.