Zine Library Documentation, Where to Put It, and How to Pay for It

collecting data to not have to reinvent the wheel, that's easily findable on the internet

existing data points, not connected
making it sustainable

what do we currently have, what do they do well, what needs they don't currently meet

  • wordpress blog, cms
  • run by stephanie in kansas city
  • not being used
  • we could do something different with the domain (and make sure we keep current content)

yahoo list
  • good for discussion and archives
  • would be good to have more of a forum than a discussion list
  • but don't want yahoo to own our data



what wikis are best? wikispaces, pbworks, etc.
what is the easiest to use?
are lots of people using wikis?

upload documents, or links

how to fund it, where to host it

revamp zinelibraries.info ideas:
  • migrate to drupal, joomla
  • continue with wordpress, but update
  • hosting alternatives: stay the same, move to another host, host it ourselves
  • wiki, if so, what kind

way to export zinelibrarians list to author role?

how to share: blog posts vs. attachments
  • preference for blog posts--use tags to collocate? user assigned, but could also be added by admins

  • for this project, also for union catalog
  • central fund
  • could be for a scholarship fund for the conference
  • fundraising
  • dues or time
  • zine library day activity to generate $

make sure metazines are included
need a card/decoder ring/transformer

Alycia will check in with Stephanie and start transforming zinelibraries.info

Note: some zine documentation has been collected on google docs- feel free to add!
Zine Library documentation- Google Docs