For those who are unable to physically be in Milwaukee for the conference there will be at least 3 different ways of participating remotely:

We'll for sure have Skype access in 3 of the 4 spaces.

1.Download Skype from
2.Run the installer and follow the prompts
3.Run the application, and then click “Don’t have a Skype Name?” unless you have an existing Skype account.
4.Click “Add a Contact”
5.Under Skype Name enter “mkezl-1” and then click “Add”
6.Repeat last step for the Skype Name “mkezl-2”
7.Wait for a call from one of the previously added contacts, click “Answer”.

To view the live video feed please navigate to our flash based player will load and begin streaming content

During the plenary we'll decide which Skype account will be in which space, and it will be posted with the schedule.

If you have any technical issues please contact tech support via email at:

Finally, the wiki will be being updated in realtime during the conference. You too can add and edit pages as needed/desired.