SO, you're coming to Milwaukee for the ZL(u)C and are looking for places to stay. There are a couple of options:

1) Couchsurfing! If you're just looking for a couch to surf on for a couple of days, please put your name under this line.
a. Honor Moody I'm flying into Milwaukee Thursday July 7, and out Sunday July 10. I also surf floors and back yards, but am doing three weeks with carry-on luggage only, so will have no bedding, tenting, etc.
b. Chelsea Kirkland- July 7 getting in in the afternoon, leaving July 9 after the conference. Approaching my work on zines/ libraries from a queer anarchist perspective. I am a really good houseguest!

2) Dorm Housing - This is pending approval from the Library to host the conference there.
Are folks interested in group rate rooms? We've been discussing it a bit on the Zine Librarians email list--email Alycia (alyciasellie (at) gmail (dot) com) if you are interested, or add your name/a note here. I think we need more than 10 people for a "group."
  1. Alycia S. Hoping to stay the evenings of July 7-9th, no preference on air conditioning
  2. John S.
  3. Chris R.
  4. Jeanie A.
  5. (maybe Maggie)
  6. Linda N.
  7. Honor M.
  8. Joshua B. (maybe w/ a +1)
  9. Marta C. I prefer no-air conditioning, but not essential. Most likely staying July 7th-9th
  10. Adrienne N. def with +1!
  11. Chelsea K. - put myself on the couchsurfer list above, but I'm also down for dorms!

3) Hotels - There are a number of hotels in the area. Most are downtown, about 3-5 miles from UWM